Paul recently formulated this for some homestead preppers who had a garden that was struggling.

The dome effect he mentions in the instructions refer to a plasma energy ‘dome’.  You can see more about this effect in Lynn’s November blog that talked about the protective dome effect of a family home and garden in Dominica when Hurricane Maria devastated 90% of the island’s buildings and vegetation.

Here are the instructions for the garden vials Paul has made that contain the plasma energy of CO2, CH3, ZnO2, B9, Amino Acids :


  1. Vials 2, 3, and 4 are put in clear plastic or clear glass quart jars; bury the jars up to ½ to ¾ of the height of the jar placed in an equilateral triangle;
  2. Take a 5’ to 7’ vertical pole and place one clear plastic or clear glass quart jar             at the top of the pole.


The equilateral triangle with the vial on the top of the post creates a plasmatic field dome effect that will greatly diminish or eliminate plants diseases and pests and nourish your plants for healthier and more abundant yields.  There is no toxic energy.  The plasma energy is simple creating a condition that the insects aren’t attracted to and they prefer to go elsewhere.


Vials 5 and 6 are used to energy water to spray on the leaves and shoots of the plants since they get 80% of their nourishment from the atmosphere and the plasmatic fields of the atmosphere.  #5 and #5 are the same, so put one in a clear plastic jug and the other in a quart spray bottle and spray the plants 2 times a week or more if you have the time.


Refill the spray bottle from the plastic jug from your regular preferred water supply for the plants.


When planting new seeds soak them 12 hours in this water before planting for healthy plants.


Paul took his knowledge and experience of many years as a common sense veterinarian and developed the Plasma Energy Solution products you can find at here on our site. Energy solutions were no mystery to Paul as he was one of the first veterinarians in the country to practice acupuncture on animals in the mid-1970s.

Many people have shared their testimonials with Paul and Lynn on our testimonials page.

Here are two extra benefits Lynn discovered with our Never Ending Plasma Energy Station water in addition to drinking and cooking with it. She uses it as a spray on her arms and face and exposed areas when out in the summer sun and has no sunburn! It’s completely non-greasy and non-toxic!

Lynn has found that spraying around the doors and windows in the house discourages the insects from coming indoors without using toxic sprays and killing them. They just don’t prefer the energy and go to other places that don’t have the same plasma energy.

Paulette has shared pictures on our testimonials page of how her plants love the plasma energy water! And don’t miss her pictures of her quick recovery by using plasma energy station water on her foot after her horse stepped on it!

When we started getting testimonials from people who were using the Never Ending Plasma Energy Water every day we were hearing about pain relief. Why? What was in the many combinations that Paul had put together? As you know plasma energy helps balance conditions in the body so it can heal itself.

People were drinking the water from the Never-Ending Plasma Energy Station, making pain pads from it and using it as a spray on painful areas. It is 100% natural, 100% safe, and 100% side-effect-free.

Here’s an example of someone who uses the energy station water for pain management:

“I want to report: 95 year old woman with fractured hip is healed in 2 weeks! Had X-ray yesterday doctor said it is healed and can start walking. Used Homeopathy 3 days – arnica, hypericum, and Symphytum. She sprayed her hip throughout the day with your plasma water, everyday several times a day drank it, wore calcium patches front and back only one week I had made from their farm’s organic eggshells.”

What else is in the Never-Ending Plasma Energy Station Vials? There is plasma energy from supplements including turmeric and Fish Oil, plus the plasma energy from many herbs, essential oils, vitamins and minerals. The Organic Cold Pressed Hemp oil used to make the GANS (gas in atomic nano solid state) also contains the “Potent Plant Fats” found in hemp containing Omega 3’s, 6’s and 9’s that help eliminate inflammation.

A few months ago we added more for pain relief with Never- Ending Plasma EnergyAncient Sacred Plant Inflammation Relief. This has the plasma energy water from the Gans (Gas in Atomic Nano Solid State) of Ancient Sacred Plant, Amino Acids, other herbs and hemoglobin. There are no side effects from the THC found in the Cannabis plant when using just the plasma energy developed from the plant. And with plasma energy your body uses only the plasma energy it needs when you drink it or spray it on the body.

Here is a testimonial from Sandy regarding Inflammation Relief:

“I love the ancient sacred plant inflammation relief! The day I got my ancient sacred plant inflammation relief vial I was ‘on the go’ and put it in my pocket until I had time to set up my jar of water. I had a sore hip and I realized a couple of hours that my hip wasn’t hurting. I have chronic pain from auto accident injuries especially in my lower back and my neck. This provides great relief without any side effects! Thanks!”

So now you have the choice of using plasma energy from hemp (and several hundred other energies) contained in the Never-Ending Plasma Energy Vials. You can enhance those with the Never-Ending Plasma Energy Ancient Sacred Plant Inflammation Relief. You’ll have a never ending supply that won’t ever have to be reordered. And, there is no expiration date on plasma energy.

Don’t forget that the plasma energy water is also effective on your pets and plants.

Lynn and Paul’s cat Otter was sneezing the other day. Since it persisted Lynn decided to add to the station water she already drinks.   Lynn sprayed some of the water on her hands and rubbed down Otter’s coat. Then she put some of the water in an eye dropper and gave it to her. The next day she had no more sneezing. She has also used the plasma energy station water with olive oil in the same proportions that we give in the instructions for the Eye Relief Drops. Our other cat Ren had an eye that was watering. Lynn put some oil drops from plasma energy station water and olive oil in her eye several times and it cleared up

This same combination of plasma energy station water and olive oil has been very effective for John who had this to say:

“I have been going to the dermatologist for over forty years (for skin cancers). I go quarterly and always have at least twenty spots frozen each visit and about ten biopsies a year. This year I have had about fifteen surgical procedures with sutures from one to three inches. I have been using plasma water (from the plasma energy station) on my sutures and they literally disappear in a week. This week I went in for my quarterly appointment. For the first time in about forty years, I was clear – no keritoses, basal cells, or squamous cells. Of course, I avoid the sun, but also each morning I put a mixture of plasma water and olive oil on my face and head.”

One more important note about the Never-Ending Plasma Energy Water.

Our little town has an annual 4th of July parade. People come from many places to watch it as it’s one of those great small town parades that lasts for over an hour. It’s always at noon and it’s almost always hot. I had a spray bottle filled with the plasma energy water to just spray on us occasionally as ‘heat relief.’ I didn’t reach over and spray Paul’s left arm as often. He ended up with a slight sunburn on it, but neither of us had any signs of sunburn anywhere else. That was a real eye opener!

So grab your spray bottle filled with your plasma energy station water when you go on picnics. You can also spray it around the immediate picnic area and on your ‘table’ cloth and around the food. You should find that the insects will not come to the picnic. We also spray it around the doors and windows of our house and have very few insects in the house!

Be sure to watch our videos about our Never-Ending Plasma Energy Vials and how to make your own station:

Here’s An Idea:

For those of you who live in the city and have to purchase distilled water, take a look at this idea of using the Zero Water filter for your Never-Ending Plasma Energy Station. You won’t have to lug bottles of distilled water in place of tap water. This will filter out heavy metals such as fluoride and mercury.

question-310891_1280Are people perplexed by what we are doing?  Yes!

They are just like the people who were perplexed when Paul said in the 1970’s that he was doing acupuncture on animals because they didn’t understand it.

They scoffed and said it was all in his head.  He answered them that he was treating horses!

The first summer he worked on horses he had one of the top derby winners and one of the top futurity winners that he had done acupuncture on all summer.

Now acupuncture is common place so now we can give people something new to be perplexed about!

Being scoffed at and doubted doesn’t slow us down a bit because we are encountering incredible people with what we are learning and doing with plasma energy and our cottage industry!  And we know the more you give, the more you receive!

Lynn Schmaltz


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